PM Carleton Masters Swimming: Whitecaps 1 & 2 (Weekday Evenings)

Participants swimming

This program will accommodate participants swimming for personal fitness, triathlon training and Masters competition. Workouts will include aerobic and anaerobic sessions, proper warm up and stretching techniques and timed effort swims. Graduated workouts will be provided, as well as stroke improvement through technical drill practice and bio-mechanical analysis. Workouts will range from 2000-4000 metres.

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Carleton University

Carleton University suspended vaccination & masking requirements for participation in in-person Carleton activities in May/June 2022. The evolution of Covid-19 and public health conditions are difficult to predict, so these decisions were contingent on conditions at that time and positive directions continuing. Masking and other safety measures may be reinstated at a later time. Carleton strongly recommends the use of well-fitting masks indoors when physical distance cannot be maintained. We are aware that personal preferences regarding optional mask use will vary greatly, and we ask that we all show consideration and care for each other during the winter months.

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Please note that if circumstances change, the university may need to reinstate the mask requirement, daily screenings & vaccination policies. The University continues to monitor the situation and will align with evolving public health advice/government requirements.

Women’s Only Swims: We offer a swims twice a week where only women and/or their young children are allowed into the pool area. Boys 6 years old and under are permitted when they are accompanied by an adult woman. The men’s and family change-rooms remain locked and covered, and windows/doors that have visual access to the pool will be covered, The third-floor pool gallery will be locked and therefore inaccessible by the general public. Additionally, only female Pool Staff are assigned to supervise Women’s Only swims.

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